We are a Brno-based Collective that aims to create an environment in which critical dialogue goes beyond contemporary fashion discourse. We are building a Gray zone where we are encouraged to ask questions that have neither answers nor straightforward conclusions.

By experimenting with different tools, we search for new ways of fashion presentation, production, education and consumption. By Offering this platform is also meant the provision of resources to those who search for solutions to challenges that fashion brings. We want to educate, enlighten and encourage ourselves and the public as well as to face the outdated fashion system it has become in recent decades. Our collective establishes a safe space within the fashion discipline and creates a meeting point for designers, stylists, models, photographers, editors, PR and marketing specialists, and fashion enthusiasts to reflect on the current state of fashion and to share their experience. We Believe that the quest for possible intersections between different disciplines will bring answers to questions related to fashion, its Future, and what lies Beyond.

For the aforementioned dialogue, We have decided to create a new podcast, in which we are focusing on a wide spectrum of topics connected to fashion. The Podcast is divided into three sections that use different levels of seriousness. You can follow us on three streaming platforms – Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Soundcloud. For the interviews, we either invite various guests who are being chosen from across the fashion field, or there are only the organizers of MNM David Severa and Svatopluk Ruška who question current fashion affairs with humor and irony.

We will gladly accept your feedback or questions that you can send to us at If you would like to contribute to our podcast and have a conversation with us and our audience, you can send us your calls for participation via the above mentioned email.

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